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5 Merchandise-Ready Fall/Winter Trends of 2020

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The fashion world moves fast, and thousands of brands miss out on windows of opportunity each season because small businesses don’t have the time and capacity to follow, develop, and produce on-trend products. Our team of creatives, designers, and innovators have gathered up our favorite fall/winter trends of 2020 to help our clients reimagine, prepare, and design killer custom merchandise for the upcoming seasons. 

Here are 5 of our favorite fall/winter trends of 2020 that are just asking to be made into custom apparel:  

  1. Utilitarian Clothing

There’s no better way to combat life in the winter elements than with fall/winter 2020 utilitarian clothing trend. It’s all about functional jackets, vests, and cargo pants with this trend – think pockets and zippers paired with weather-proof fabrics like nylon. Utilitarian clothing is the perfect chance to design some edgy custom outerwear for the upcoming season. 

2. Complete Prints

Fall/winter 2020 trends are playing with patterns in fun, bold ways. Total prints are like the Jackson Pollock painting of fall/winter 2020; they’re all about creating a uniform, repeating pattern across the entire article of clothing. Prada, Sacai, and Louis Vuitton all released suiting looks with repeating, colorful patterns. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong, cohesive color scheme when designing custom merchandise that capitalizes on this look (especially when you develop with company colors). Creating your pattern is a stellar opportunity to generate unique, branded, and custom clothing for your consumers. 

3. Check Patterns

The runway saw some new takes on classic check patterns for the upcoming fall/winter season, and our design team loves it. Developing square geometric patterns leaves equal opportunity for timeless classic looks and more modern, youthful vibes. There is endless potential to repurpose and refresh the classic check pattern to the advantage of your brand.  

4. Red as the It” Color

Givenchy and Kostadinov released vibrant red suits as part of their fall/winter 2020 collections. Red is ripe for exciting custom merchandise designs as it is one of the most emotive colors out there. Better yet, it translates well into visual content on social media platforms.

We’re looking forward to seeing brands harness the natural pop of red to stand out in a crowd and drive buzz around product releases. 

5. Gender Neutral Looks

The move towards gender-neutral fashion is much more expansive and long-lasting than a fall/winter 2020 trend, but there’s no better time to jump on the gender-neutral bandwagon. Gender-neutral custom merchandise will have more longevity than most fashion trends and appeals to an increasingly broad demographic. Thunderwear is experienced in designing and producing a variety of gender-neutral looks, including button-ups. 

Some close contenders in our lineup of potential custom apparel ideas? Motif sweaters, oversized coats, and monochromatic looks. To see all of the trends we chose from, check out Vogue’s coverage

Design On-Trend Branded Merchandise with Thunderwear

We’ve been in the merchandise game for a long time, and products are only as successful as the retail market around them. Being aware of trends and designing to them while staying true to your brand is among the trickiest pitfalls to navigate when it comes to leveraging branded or custom merchandise. 

The Thunderwear team works hard to be an asset to you and your team. We are passionate about helping small businesses stand out in a crowd with one-of-a-kind custom apparel that speaks to both your brand identity and current trends. As a family-owned small business with decades of experience in the clothing industry, we are committed to providing unparalleled customer support and cutting-edge expertise. Our staff will ensure that whatever collaborative custom apparel we design is set up for success, given your company aesthetic and the economic climate. 

Did these fall/winter 2020 trends spark some ideas for custom and branded merchandise? Are you anxious to get prepared for the fall retail season? Say hello, and we’ll help you get started. 

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