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5 Reasons to Embrace The Art of The Drop

Author: twelve12content

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After rising to meteoric popularity back in 2017, the art of the drop has become a hugely successful method of moving custom merchandise. Streetwear brands like SUPREME paved the road for widespread product drops, and have garnered tremendous followings on Instagram with the tactic. Thoughtful, authentic product design that aligns with their company aesthetic, combined with the power of social media allows companies to control their following and media coverage in unprecedented ways. 

Here are five reasons to consider crafting and curating a limited, exclusive product drop via company social media: 

1. Establish a two-way street with consumers. 

Dropping custom or branded merchandise is one of the best ways to thank and reward loyal consumers for supporting your company. It creates a give-and-take dynamic with the people who make your business possible; new custom merchandise developed with them in mind is one of the most meaningful ways to express gratitude for their continued business. Best part? We’re here to help you design the perfect product for whomever you’re looking to thank. 

2. Generate a buzz around the release of branded merchandise. 

Announcing a drop goes a long way in naturally producing chatter and capitalizing on word-of-mouth advertising. Dropping products on social media is a much more direct method of releasing branded, custom apparel, and it doesn’t require the same third-party media coverage that traditional retail methods do. Followers can share and send social media posts about the drop to their friends and followers, tell their friends, and build the hype surrounding your product themselves. There’s no need for press releases, news coverage, featured ads, or content — the drop does all of the advertising and marketing work for you. 

3. Create a feeling of achievement with the purchase of your branded gear. 

Making a product exclusive and limited in number helps create a sense of achievement when customers manage to snap one for themselves. Creating a feeling of scarcity is a cornerstone of the drop technique and, when well-executed, will push people to buy merchandise much faster. Pulling the trigger and making the purchase will help your customers feel much more accomplished under the threat of a limited supply. 

4. Expand company marketing efforts. 

Marketing moves at the speed of light in 21st-century commerce, and it demands constant attention and innovation. For small businesses looking to reinvent or improve their social media marketing and presence, a drop might be a match made in heaven. Dropping limited products and merchandise easily expands marketing efforts and makes social media strategies stronger and multifaceted. Drop an exclusive product on social media and engage with your audience in a new and meaningful way. 

5. Produce merchandise that consumers will share on social media. 

In the age of online retail and entrepreneurialism, social media serves a crucial role in generating media coverage, exposure, and brand identity. A significant facet of creating company growth and financial stability is leveraging social media to cut through the noise and align with your company values and aesthetics. When companies drop products, they release that information directly to their biggest fans, who follow them on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. After a successful product drop, customers will buy and share merchandise on social media at supersonic speed — and generate free marketing opportunities for your brand. 

Create the Perfect Products for a Drop Release with Thunderwear

The team here at Thunderwear has navigated both the small business retail market and the branded merchandise industry for decades. Our staff of expert designers, creatives, and collaborators offers clients the ability to create one-of-a-kind designs that will resonate with consumers. They design your products to enhance your brand image and move quickly in a drop sale format. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer support and individualized attention to our client companies.  Are you having dreams of killer merchandise dropping on your social media platforms? Talk to one of our experts about bringing your ideas to life.

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