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How Custom Merchandise Can Expand and Strengthen Your Brand

Author: twelve12content

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Consumer expectations are high nowadays, and growth strategies are becoming increasingly complex. Brands have the pressure of constantly evolving their approach to advertising to accommodate a rapidly changing marketplace that meets customer needs. And, because of this, custom merchandise has quickly become a standard marketing effort. Why? Because it strikes the perfect balance of compelling product and cost-effective advertisement. 

Stay on Trend and Grow Your Brand

Today’s fans are accustomed to seeing the people and brands they follow – from their favorite artist to the most prominent beauty influencers on YouTube – stock custom merchandise. In fact, they expect it. Consumers look for the chance to support brands and businesses they care about and follow across social media platforms, and they’re willing to pay a premium.  

This lucrative intersection of fashion, marketing, and business is only just beginning. Fashion has always been a reflection of pop culture, but there are an increasing number of industry giants utilizing branded and custom merchandise in the clothing industry. The country’s biggest name brands are capitalizing on custom merchandise by licensing their logos to fashion outlets like PacSun, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21. We’ve seen brands that have been staples in the American economy for decades, like Coca-Cola and Budweiser, hop on this trend. Millions of shoppers buy those branded articles of clothing, wear them out in the world, and give free marketing to companies without even thinking about it. Not every company is as big as Coca-Cola and Budweiser, but it shows the power of custom and branded apparel.  

The flexibility in scale and strategy is what makes custom merchandise solutions so effective. It democratizes business. With the help of all-star designers and high-quality printing, any enterprise – regardless of size, net worth, and industry – can make a mark with branded merchandise. Any business can take cues from multimillion-dollar conglomerates and adapt the same branded merchandise strategy to fit a different set of needs and constraints. 

Custom Merchandise Made to Make an Impact

Because custom merchandise is a physical extension of your brand, product, and service, maintaining your standard of quality and creativity is critical. Slapping your logo on a poorly-made t-shirt will only be a disservice to you. If you want your audience to look at your brand as a dependable, thoughtful, and innovative company, developing the right merchandise strategy and design will be the most crucial step in this expansion of your product and marketing strategy. 

The custom merchandise you stock should speak to your loyal customer-base and reflect whatever it is about your brand that makes it uniquely successful. At the end of the day, whatever time and financial investment you sink into the custom merchandise design process will pay off in the form of tangible improvements across sales and advertising data and analytics. 

Don’t know how to create compelling, branded products? Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.  Thunderwear is a family-owned business with a dedicated team of designers and artists committed to understanding your brand and bringing a custom merchandise solution to life. We’ve been helping companies extend their brands with custom branded apparel since the 1980s, and we understand the importance of good design and high-quality materials better than anyone. We love helping companies reach their fullest potential, so let’s get started