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What is a Tech Package?

Author: twelve12content

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Custom apparel offers far more than just your logo. Every inch of your product can be adjusted according to its unique blueprint, which is a process generally encompassed by the term “tech package.” 

A tech package is a series of specific design choices made for a piece of custom apparel created by a designer to give to a manufacturing or production facility. Instead of screen printing a logo onto a pre-made white t-shirt, tech packages allow companies to design products from scratch. Tech packages address the type and weight of the fabric, clothing fit, color choices, stitching, label, metal finishings, and logo or graphic design. Tech packages can be used to design nearly any article of clothing, from jackets to t-shirts to jerseys to button-ups. 

In a saturated retail industry, tech packages are lifesavers for brands looking to set their custom apparel apart in the marketplace. 

The Benefits of Tech Packages: Beat the Blandness of Cookie-Cutter Custom Apparel

When you decide to invest in custom apparel, you gain the advantage of endless design possibilities tailored to your specific company goals and needs. Tech packages are the key that allows you to unlock your vision and bring it to life while taking into account fashion trends, market changes, target demographics, company pain points, and financial goals. 

In a digital world driven by e-commerce, the sea of companies trying to capitalize on branded merchandise is vast and deep. Not only is it becoming more challenging to wade through industry competitors, but it is also equally challenging to retain consumer attention and curate products that speak to a majority of fans in specific, meaningful ways. There are thousands of cookie-cutter t-shirts, baseball hats, and tote bags that will lose consumer engagement and lower profit margins. 

When executed well, custom apparel offers unparalleled strategic advantages. Chiefly, it can connect with consumers and help reinforce brand loyalty. It can also expand brand awareness, diversify product sets, gain a more substantial social media following, and reinvigorate a brand battling disinterest. 

The cornerstone of excellent execution? Tech packages. 

Tech packages elevate custom apparel and infuse careful thought, expertise, and design principles into whatever product you choose. Customization is at the core of the Thunderwear design process. Our designers will have plenty of ideas, advice, and suggestions for you as we collaboratively form design concepts. From custom patches to woven labels to premium zippers and metalwork, you’ll have the opportunity to craft that on-brand, effortlessly-cool aesthetic under the guidance of tried-and-true fashion designers. The result is a custom apparel solution made for your specific consumer-base that cannot be replicated. 

Thunderwear offers our clients countless fabric options, custom dyes, premium trimmings, and all kinds of stitching and printing services as part of our design and production methods. We have seen countless companies leverage the power of tech packages to their competitive advantage, and we love facilitating the process. 

Thunderwear’s Tech Packages and Design Services

Thunderwear is a family-owned full-service custom apparel company that has been serving brands and businesses for nearly 40 years. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to create custom apparel and branded merchandise solutions from start to finish. From the initial designing and planning phases through production oversight and stellar final products, we ensure that businesses don’t miss a beat when it comes to creating custom merchandise. 

If you’re looking to add custom apparel to your product set or services but don’t have the workforce or resources to allocate to high-quality design and production, we are here to help. Reach out to one of our Thunderwear team members to get started on your custom tech package.