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Who Needs Custom Merchandise?

Author: twelve12content

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Regardless of your industry, you have an unopened window of opportunity. Custom merchandise has become increasingly popular in the last few years. In the age of e-commerce and social media, developing custom products can make or break your brand. 

While we believe that every brand has the potential to create and capitalize on custom merchandise, here are some of the most lucrative industries for custom and branded apparel: 

1. Influencers 

We all live in a visually-driven world where an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter can evolve into a bonafide full-time career.  As selling capabilities become more powerful and commonplace on social media platforms, expanding into custom merchandise is one of the most natural pockets of opportunities for influencers. Nothing will make your content creation pop like a custom-designed jacket, jersey, or shirt. 

It’s true – there are countless examples of influencers stocking and selling custom merchandise. And each one is a testament to its potential. For influencers, custom merchandise is now a critical step in standing out in a sea of social media posts, retaining a loyal fanbase, growing a personal brand, and generating income. 

2. Musicians 

The music industry has seen a fundamental shift in how musicians share records and earn money since the emergence of streaming services in the early 2000s. Long gone are the days when vinyl and CD sales paid artists’ bills. Today’s streaming services don’t pay. Branded and custom merch is now a hugely popular way for artists to supplement tour revenues and make the experience memorable for fans. Leveraging social media platforms and e-commerce capabilities to sell custom and branded merchandise will build fan loyalty and serve as free marketing (while turning a profit!).  

3. Startups and Emerging Industries

If you’re a new brand looking to stand out, custom merchandise might just be your new best friend. The beginning of a business is always grounded in making solid first impressions, laying the foundation for brand recognition, and sharing your mission with consumers. Expanding and improving upon the tired branded t-shirt practice might be the marketing answer your startup or small business needs. Developing a clever, well-designed original product is a surefire way to stand out in a crowd and connect with your target demographic across all industries and economic sectors.

4. Television Shows, Movies, Game Companies

Custom merchandise is as much about connecting with consumers as it is about increasing profit margins and brand development. Hardcore fans of television shows, movies, and video games flock to custom merchandise – and they have the most critical eyes. Custom merchandise rewards fans for their loyalty with something thoughtful and unique, made just for them.

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Thunder.

Creating custom merchandise is a vital investment for your business. It’s an opportunity to design something that reflects your brand, resonates with your followers, and keeps people excited about your company’s next big thing. 

The Thunderwear team has had a hand in creating and developing the custom merchandise industry since the 1980s. We’re a family-owned business with decades of experience, discerning eyes, and an endless passion for designing tailor-made solutions for all kinds of brands and companies. We know what it takes to create the most compelling custom merch projects because we’ve been doing it for decades. Thunderwear prides itself on tackling every project with the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge creativity. 

Think you’d like to collaborate? Say hello and learn more about how one of our designers can work with you to create a killer product for your platform. 

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