What is a Tech Package?

Custom apparel offers far more than just your logo. Every inch of your product can be adjusted according to its unique blueprint, which is a process generally encompassed by the term “tech package.”  A tech package is a series of specific design choices made for a piece of custom apparel created by a designer to […]

Music and Sports: Fashion Soulmates

There’s an old saying that says athletes want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be athletes. While the two professions may seem worlds apart, there are actually plenty of similarities. They’re both in the business of massive events, world stages, and performance — musicians and athletes even use the same buildings and […]

Playing with Color in Custom Apparel

Research has shown how different colors elicit different kinds of emotional responses in humans. For example, red, which is a vibrant color associated with intense feelings of love or anger, triggers a very different emotional response than green, which echoes back to trees, plants, and vegetation found in nature. 

8 Custom Apparel Design Methods that Go Beyond Screen Printing

The Thunderwear team loves classic screen printed custom apparel. Screen printing is at the core of our operation and the very heart of our custom merchandise production process. It has a storied tradition in the fine art world, textile industry, and clothing industry because it is nearly unmatched in its versatility and cost-effectiveness. While there […]

5 Merchandise-Ready Fall/Winter Trends of 2020

The fashion world moves fast, and thousands of brands miss out on windows of opportunity each season because small businesses don’t have the time and capacity to follow, develop, and produce on-trend products. Our team of creatives, designers, and innovators have gathered up our favorite fall/winter trends of 2020 to help our clients reimagine, prepare, […]

5 Reasons to Embrace The Art of The Drop

After rising to meteoric popularity back in 2017, the art of the drop has become a hugely successful method of moving custom merchandise. Streetwear brands like SUPREME paved the road for widespread product drops, and have garnered tremendous followings on Instagram with the tactic. Thoughtful, authentic product design that aligns with their company aesthetic, combined […]

The Tip of the Iceberg: Why You Need to Diversify Your Custom Merchandise

The 21st-century sea of competition for brands is both expansive and fierce. Custom apparel has unlimited potential to strengthen your brand name and profit margins, but only if it is implemented effectively and in the context of your product base and competitors. We love to adapt the iceberg analogy to help clients understand and develop […]

How Custom Merchandise Can Expand and Strengthen Your Brand

Consumer expectations are high nowadays, and growth strategies are becoming increasingly complex. Brands have the pressure of constantly evolving their approach to advertising to accommodate a rapidly changing marketplace that meets customer needs. And, because of this, custom merchandise has quickly become a standard marketing effort. Why? Because it strikes the perfect balance of compelling […]

Who Needs Custom Merchandise?

Regardless of your industry, you have an unopened window of opportunity. Custom merchandise has become increasingly popular in the last few years. In the age of e-commerce and social media, developing custom products can make or break your brand. 

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