Promotional Clothing

What is Made to Order
Promotional Clothing?

Thunderwear™ is a top promotional clothing supplier in the USA. We partner with businesses and other organizations to help your brand get noticed by the right people, as well as to capture new fans and followers with clothing that is fashion-forward, stylish, and perfectly suited to your target audience.

From uniforms to merchandise, corporate gifts to your own Streetwear brand, and even bulk order custom T-shirts, our made to order apparel is of the highest quality and workmanship. We specialise in custom embroidery, so you know that whatever your style, your logo will stand out for all the right reasons.

What is Made to Order
Promotional Apparel?

Promotional apparel like bulk order custom T-shirts is imprinted or otherwise branded with your logo, name, message, or another form of imagery to showcase and endorse a product, service, agenda, or simply your original brand. It is a great way to generate relationships between you and your audience, your customers, your fans, your team, and your clients. It can be sold as merchandise, gifted at trade shows, conferences and seminars, shipped as a bonus item to accompany a purchase, or worn to advertise your brand – for example, on a sporting team’s jersey.

Made to order clothing is just that: unlike other suppliers who supply their products straight out of a catalogue and just whack a logo onto it, we create every single piece from scratch as it is required – resulting in genuinely bespoke products which stand out and are unsurpassed in terms of style, quality, and originality.


Our bespoke design service sets us up as a preferred promotional clothing supplier in the US, shipping to a global client base. We offer made to order apparel with concept and logo design, or we can apply your existing logo – the choice is yours. From conception to completion, our friendly team of experienced experts is here with you all the way.

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